We understand the frustration when your system is not working as intended. Please let us explain what happen behind the scene when you run the map & software update and how you can get help more efficiently. 

Hyundai AutoEver is the developer only for the map data and navigation system. While the update seems to come from us, Hyundai AutoEver is not the developer for the other systems such as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, radio systems, weather widget, etc.

Therefore if you have any issues related to non-navigation or the map data, please call the manufacturer customer care for help. They have teams and access to manuals for issues not related to navigation system or map data.    

If your issue is related to navigation system or map dat, please contact us via Chat portal or email. Please be ready to provide more details, such as the MAP & SW ver on the head unit and the picture/videos of the issue you are having so we can better assist you.