1. Please keep the car engine running and remain in “P” position during the update process, do not drive around.
  2. Disconnect all Bluetooth connection from the head unit, to prevent any interruption & failure.
  3. Remove any music CD or any media connected to the head unit, to prevent failure.
  4. Take photo of your current System Info, both SW and Map Version.
  5. Please do a soft reset to clear any custom setting that may prevent smooth update process.
  6. Follow the guide step by step instructions.
  7. Update may take anywhere between 30 minutes (newer car) all the way up to 3 hr (older car).
  8. Please do not abort, interrupt, or turn off your car during the update process as it will cause the head unit to malfunction and you will need to replace it.

Please follow this link on how to do a soft reset on the head unit.