1. By default your downloaded files should be located at the Download>NAU folder

  2. Double-click the folder with vehicle name.

    ※ Please format with "FAT32" partition for 32 GB SD card and format with "exFAT" partition for 64 GB USB drive.

  3. Select all files (Ctrl+A) inside the vehicle folder and then copy (Ctrl+C or right-click with the mouse and select Copy)

  4. Paste all files on to the root of the SD card/USB drive (Ctrl+V or right-click with the mouse and select Paste)

※ Please only use the type of media recommended during the download. If SD card is requested, please do not use USB drive (although your vehicle may have the USB connector) and vice versa. The max size for the SD card is 32 GB and USB drive is 64 GB. Please do not use any larger size than what we recommended.