The decision for download/free update availability is coming from Hyundai, Genesis, and KIA Corporation, not Hyundai AutoEver. As you may notice the current system & map update is the global offering thru the manufacturer website (instead from Hyundai AutoEver website). Please call the manufacturer customer care for any concerns you may have about the map & software update availability options.

At the moment, free download system & map updates are available only for the GEN 4, GEN 5, GEN 5 Wide, P GEN 2, P GEN 5, and P GEN 6 head units. Shipping option is also available for those head units. If you happen to own a vehicle with GEN 1, GEN 2, and P GEN 1, system & map update is only available thru a shipping method. Please go to to purchase your latest system & map update. 

Another possible reason you cannot find the system & map update either at the download or shipping option is there is no system & map update for the new car yet, example: 2022 or 2023 year model.