If you already downloaded the correct version of the map & software update into an SD card and the [ Update ] button is still grey out/not active after the SD card is inserted, please do the following steps as work around:

1. Copy all the SD card contents into a USB drive* (32GB max and please format in FAT32 partition).

2. Insert both the SD card and USB drive* into the connectors in the vehicle.

3. Return to the System Info screen and the [ Update ] button should be available/active now.

4. After the update process is completed please remove only the USB drive* (leave the SD card inside).

* The USB drive is only needed for temporary and you may reuse it for something else later.

This work around apply to head units  SW ver: DH.USA.SOP.xx.000 ~ DH.USA.SOP.xx.007

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If the above steps do not fix the issue you are experiencing, please contact us via Chat portal or email.