Pop up error when trying to install the Navigation Updater on MacOS Big Sur or Monterey

Please do the following:

1. Use 2 fingers to click (touch pad) or press Control key + click (mouse) on the NavigationUpdaterInstaller app.
    A drop down menu will only appear when you use 2 fingers on a touchpad or control key + mouse click 


2. Click on Open from the drop down menu
(if you do not see "Open" on the pop up window, it means you didn't do step 1 correctly)

3. Click on Open one more time to start the installation.

4. During the installation process you will get the following pop up message, please enter your credential.
    (Please make sure your credential has admin right to avoid any issue with the Navigation Updater later)

5. Next you will see selection for country, brand, language, and then the installation progress bar.

6. Click on Complete to finish the installation.

7. Please find the Navigation Updater within the Application category and double click to launch it.

Please contact us via Chat portal or email if you need further help with the installation.