Customer's Navigation system is showing a pop-up with either message: 

"Connected Routing will be unavailable soon due to an outdated Navigation Map" 

Please check if MAP ver is (v15.0) released on Apr 2021.

"Connected Routing is currently unavailable due to outdated Navigation Map"

< non-OTA >

< OTA >

Please check if MAP ver is (v14.10) released on Nov 2020 and older.

Affected customers:

Head units are GEN 5, GEN 5 W, P GEN 5 and P GEN 6 with active subscription to BlueLink/Connected Services/UVO.


New MAP version just become available on the server and for accuracy Server Base Routing only support the latest 2 MAP versions. 

Solution - To use Connected Routing:

Please install the latest map & software update v15.5 released on Nov 8th, 2021. 

Workaround - To not update and use Embedded Routing Only:

Customer may click on [ Deactivate this pop-up ] checkbox to hide the pop-up warning and then click on [ Offline Routing ] option to continue using Navigation system.

Please visit the following websites to download v15.5 map & software update for free*:

* SD card or USB drive is required. Please follow Navigation Updater instruction for exact size and type.

Please contact us via Chat portal or email for additional help.