There are 2 possibilities why this issue is happening:

1. The subscription for Hyundai BlueLink, Genesis Connected Services, or KIA UVO* is interrupted or network issue.

2. The software ver on the head unit is too old or prior to v15.0 (April 2021 update)

If the software is up to date, then it is possible issue #1 is the cause of the VR issue. To fix this issue please call the following customer care number:

Hyundai: 800-633-5151

Genesis: 844-340-9741

KIA: 800-333-4542

*USA customer only, KIA UVO Ultimate Packages subscription is required.
Click here to learn more about the UVO packages.

If the software is not up to date yet, please go to the following website to get the latest update.
Click here on how to check your software version.

Download Free Update**: 

To order the update, please go to 

**Download Free Update is only available for GEN 4 and newer head units. 

   For older GENs, please go to the order update website. 

   Click here on how to find out which GEN head unit.

For any questions about the software update, please contact us via Chat portal or email.